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We’ve all done it. Our old phones, those broken laptops, that ancient VCR; they all get hidden away to gather dust once they’re no longer of use. And when the time finally comes for a clear out, into the bin they go.

But each year, this creates enough “E-waste” to fill Wembley Stadium six times over. That’s a lot of stuff going to landfill. So RECONO.ME was set up to try and change how individuals and businesses deal with their unwanted electronics.

We offer a simple, free service that allows you to recycle your electronics in an environmentally friendly way. We take unwanted electronics off your hands for free, then recycle or repair them.


Whether you’re a business or an individual, all you have to do is dust off your unwanted laptops, phones, speakers (anything with a battery, plug or cable, really) and book a free collection with us.

Once we’ve picked-up your unwanted items, our team of skilled technicians get to work. They ensure that 100% of the equipment we receive is repaired, reused or recycled, as well as making sure any data is carefully erased.

Whether it’s refurbishing the tech and giving it to one of our charity partners, making parts available for upcycling, or ethically disposing of old electronics; everything we do is zero-waste and sustainable. And, for some of the products that are good enough to be refurbished and sold on, you’ll receive cash back too.

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